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Professional Associations and Societies



The Association of Chinese Canadian Engineering Professionals and Technologists

The Association of Chinese Canadian Engineering Professionals and Technologists (ACCEPT) was established in 2017 with an aim to bring engineering professionals from all disciplines and backgrounds together. Our goals are to advocate the engineering profession to Chinese Canadians, to establish a network among Chinese Canadian engineering professionals and technologists, to provide assistance to skilled new immigrants working in the engineering and technology sector, to bolster inclusiveness in the engineering and technology sector, and to facilitate cross cultural engagement.

We are always looking for talented and dynamic students and professionals to join our team. ACCEPT is currently looking for volunteers to fill the following roles.

  • Program Manager
  • Program Coordinator
  • Marketing Coordinator
  • ​Webmaster
  • Database coordinator
  • ​Editor-in-chief

Society of Internationally Trained Engineers of BC

SITEBC (The Society of Internationally Trained Engineers of British Columbia) is an independent non- profit society founded in 2004 to represent the interests of British Columbia’s Internationally Trained Engineering community (ITEs).  Joining this group will provide you with great networking opportunities.  ASTTBC member Technologists and Technicians can now join SITEBC as full members, thanks to a recent MOA between SITEBC and ASTTBC.  However, all members of the Engineering Team would be welcome at SITE networking events.

Society of Punjabi Engineers and Technologists of British Columbia

SPEATBC is a non-profit organization which has successfully brought together Engineers and Technologists from different disciplines from both Canada and the Indian subcontinent. SPEATBC was incorporated in 1995 and is highly active, representing all disciplines including Electrical, Computer, Civil, Mechanical, Chemical, Environmental, Metallurgical Engineers and all Applied Science Technologists and Technicians.

Filipino Canadian Construction Society

This site represents Filipino-Canadian Contractors and professionals, showcasing multiple talents, skills and professional expertise.  Their goal is to provide value to Canada’s construction community through education and training, networking, and political advocacy in a way that promotes the merit shop philosophy and free enterprise, maximizes our members’ success, and enhances our industry’s image so that our members and their employees prosper.

Iranian Engineers of BC Association

Here’s how IEBCA describes itself:  Iranian Engineers of British Columbia Association (IEBCA) is a non-profit, non-religous, non-political, and independant organization which strives to serve Iranian engineers residing in BC. ASTTBC routinely liaises with this excellent, dynamic organization, and fully supports its objectives.

Society of Iranian Canadian Professionals of BC

A new addition to our list of great associations!  This fine group represents the interests of all Iranian Canadian professionals, not just those in the Engineering sector.  Check our their impressive website and the videos of many high profile past events.

Applied Science Technologists and Technicians of BC

ASTTBC has represented the professional interests of  Technologists and Technicians (AScT’s and CTech’s) since 1985.  ASTTBC exists to maintain, improve and increase the knowledge, ability and competence of technologists and technicians; to regulate the standards of training and practice of, and for, its members, and to protect the interests of the public.  This website, ITTPBC, is a service of ASTTBC, and represents the interface of the association with the community of Internationally Trained Technology Professionals.

Engineers and Geoscientists of BC

Engineers & Geoscientists BC has been BC’s home for Professional Engineers since 1920.  AGBC regulates the practice of engineering in BC, and works closely with ASTTBC on a wide variety of issues, including our outreach programs for ITTPs in the engineering sector.  If you believe your credentials (education and work experience) could qualify you as a Professional Engineer, visit their site and connect with their registrations department.  If, after they review your application,  EGBC suggests that you may need more education and/or more engineering-level experience, you may find that registration with ASTTBC is a better route for you.

Note:  as of September 2017, APEGBC was re-branded, and is now Engineers & Geoscientists BC.  They wish to be known by that full designation rather than the acronym.


Immigrant Service Provider Organizations


Immigrant Services Society of BC

ISSofBC is a long-established and highly experienced agency which offers a wide variety of services to immigrants.  ASTTBC’s first connections with an established and successful mentoring program came through Mentoring Connections at ISSofBC.

ISSofBC  announced a course in Professional and Technical Oral English, with classes starting April 22 and June 17, 2015.

Check out the webpage:   ISSofBC English courses

Progressive Intercultural Community Services

PICS has been a mainstay in the provision of services to (primarily) the South Asian immigrant community in Surrey since 1987.  Active on many fronts, and closely allied to the Surrey business and seniors’ housing scenes, PICS plays a vital role in the support of immigrants from all countries.

North Shore Multicultural Society

The NSMS helps families learn about and understand the systems and services available in Canada.  NSMS is a not-for-profit agency providing a full range of individual and group services including: settlement information and orientation, English language, employment and diversity services. Their mission is to help you achieve a working knowledge of Canadian social, economic and cultural systems.


MOSAIC is a long-established immigrant assistance provider based in the Vancouver area, integrating the services of many smaller groups and specializing in job-finding and ESL tuition.  Together with WorkBC the dedicated staff at MOSAIC have helped thousands find meaningful and fulfilling employment.


Quite possibly the best-known immigrant service provider in BC, SUCCESS was established in 1973 and is one of the largest social service agencies in Western Canada.  SUCCESS offers a wide variety of support services to all immigrants from at least five locations in the Lower Mainland, and has an office in Fort St. John.

Back In Motion

Back in Motion’s Employment Services addresses both sides of employment-related challenges: the client searching for meaningful and sustainable employment; and the labour shortage experienced by BC employers. Back In Motion currently offers Employment Services to clients and employers through 3 programs in 10 communities in the Lower Mainland, and is closely associated with the Avia group.

Multicultural Helping House Society

MHHS is a well-known and well-respected resource centre for newcomers to Canada, even offering temporary shelter for those less-well-off immigrants who have not been able to find other accommodation.  MHHS is further supported through close ties to the Filipino Canadian Construction Society.


Provides services to help immigrants find skilled employment in B.C. that uses the education and experience they bring to Canada. Customized to participant needs, including support specific to in-demand occupations.

Other great resources for Engineering and Technology-oriented Professional Immigrants:

Immigrant Employment Council of BC

This agency, IEC-BC, is a major partner with ASTTBC for the Mentorship program and for several other initiatives.  Check their extensive website for a huge selection of tools, tips and other help for Immigrant Professionals.

Local Immigration Partnerships

Many larger communities in Canada host LIP groups, federally funded by Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).  Every LIP is essentially autonomous, while complying with requirements provided by IRCC.  The basic objectives are described in the Horizons website:

Based on the principles of acceptance an d respect, a welcoming community should:

Openly receive newcomers and create an inclusive environment, strive to understand the needs of newcomers and provide access to a full range of services and programs, and ensure newcomers are able to participate fully in all aspects of community life and Canadian society.

 Newcomers, in turn, should endeavour to act on opportunities for participation; strive to contribute to community life within the context of Canadian laws and customs; and help others in the community.
ASTTBC, as a corporate resident of Surrey, BC, has a membership on the Surrey LIP and participates in many Surrey LIP projects and initiatives.

FAST BC provides pre-arrival support for immigrants who are looking for jobs in skilled trades. It helps fast track immigrants to work in a specific trade in BC by letting them evaluate their skills and knowledge before they arrive in Canada.  This site is supported by IEC-BC and BCIT, and provides an excellent overview of trades and tradespeople in BC.


This extensive website is an excellent source of information for immigrants and immigrant service providers alike.  The Government of British Columbia recognizes the important role that immigration plays in helping to build a strong province.  WelcomeBC helps ensure new British Columbians are able to settle, gain employment, become active members of their communities, and contribute fully to the social and economic prosperity of B.C.

 BC Internationally Trained Professionals Network

BCITP Net is a partnership of internationally trained professionals from around the province, working cooperatively, to improve access to meaningful employment for all immigrant professionals in BC.  Their primary focus is to empower internationally trained professionals (ITPs) to enter into constructive dialogue with stakeholders and to act on self identified goals.

Get in the Know

Get In The Know:  this fine site includes a wealth of tools, especially for employers, aimed at improving the ability of small and medium-sized companies to recruit and hire ITPs, and to prepare their workplaces to make the ITP feel welcome and valued.

Canadian Technology Immigration Network

CTIN is a one-stop source for career information, programs and assistance to assist your successful entry into Canada’s technology professions.  CTIN offers:

  • Working in Canada:  Explore the diversity of career opportunities available to certified engineering technicians and technologists in Canada
  • Credential Recognition:  Get prepared before you arrive. Have your credentials assessed and recognized in Canada.
  • Immigration and Settlement:  Canada wants your technology skills! Find out how we can help get you here and working.

Canadian Immigration Integration Program

CIIP is a comprehensive site aimed at addressing the problem of unemployed &/or under-employed immigrant professionals.  The Government of Canada funded the Association of Canadian Community Colleges (ACCC) to develop and implement the Canadian Immigrant Integration Program (CIIP) which prepares newcomers for economic integration while still in their country of origin.

The Government of Canada’s Foreign Credentials Referrals Office

This information is provided by the Canadian Government, which has huge and diverse immigrant assistance and information resources.  This page can be your entry point into what could be hours of further research into all the other immigration-related information available to you.

The Engineering and Technology Professions in Canada:  Engineering Career Pathways  

Other Links, on the ASTTBC website.