The ASTTBC = ITTP Mentorship Program
Always seeking new Mentors from the ASTTBC membership!

ASTTBC and the Immigrant Employment Council of BC (IEC-BC) signed an MOU establishing a mentorship program jointly administered and delivered through a co-operation arrangement between our two organizations in November 2012.  This partnership is founded on IEC-BC’s established MentorConnect program.  Within the program, widely used by employers, ASTTBC is considered to be an Employer Partner even though we are a professional association, not an employer.  Our mutual adaptation of the model works just fine for both IEC-BC and ASTTBC!

ASTTBC continually seeks to recruit qualified mentors, primarily from its membership pool, and IEC-BC, working with a number of ISP groups matches them with mentees in their professional fields.  As well, ASTTBC will accept applications for mentorship from prospective mentees.

ASTTBC members have been volunteering as mentors for years, in an ad-hoc, informal capacity. Now we have formalized the arrangements, through the MOU. Here’s the program overview:

  • Participation is voluntary
  • Mentors are recruited by ASTTBC from within the membership pool:  New Mentors are always needed!  Please consider becoming a Mentor!  ASTTBC CPD points are awarded to Mentors.
  • Mentees are identified primarily by Immigrant Service Agencies, and occasionally by ASTTBC
  • Matches are usually discipline-specific, sector-based
  • Time commitment is 3 or 4 meetings over 2 months
  • Meetings are set based on the timetables of both parties
  • Meetings should be face-to-face as often as possible
  • For a complete overview of the program, check out the IEC-BC MentorConnect pages.
    Watch this 6-minute video to see how Mentoring can improve your life, as a Mentor or as a Mentee!

Could you be a mentor?

Very likely! Mentors are established professionals who are motivated to develop a supportive, professional relationships with ITTP mentees. Here are the criteria:

  • Have minimum 3 years professional experience as an ASTTBC Registrant (CTech, AScT, P.Tech, RTMgr, Technical Specialist) or P.Eng.
  • Live in BC, Canada.
  • Possess detailed industry and sector knowledge and networks, and be willing to share professional contacts
  • Demonstrate strong communication skills
  • Possess coaching characteristics and traits
  • Make time for a 2-month mentoring relationship, including holding regularly
    scheduled in-person meetings and communicating with the mentor in-between.

If you volunteer as a mentor, you will be asked to attend a short orientation session, as are mentees.   The sessions are conducted bi-weekly by IEC-BC, and dates, times and locations will be routinely announced on this site and on

Session topics include:

  • The mentorship program itself
  • Opportunities and benefits for mentors
  • Becoming a mentor
  • The mentoring relationship
  • Cross-cultural considerations
  • Tips for intercultural communications

To apply to IEC-BC to be a Mentor, go directly to the sign-up webpage and fill in the form  Here’s what you should see:

Create Your Account —–Fill-out Mentor Application——Upload Resume——Finish
 And that’s it!  You’re on your way to becoming a Mentor for ASTTBC and IEC-BC or one of their partner agencies.

Do you wish to be mentored, to be a Mentee?

Do You conform to the following criteria?

  • You arrived in Canada within the past 5 years and you are a Permanent Resident or a Canadian Citizen
  • You are underemployed or unemployed
  • You possess intermediate to advanced level English skills, having demonstrated at least Canadian Language Benchmark Level 6 (equivalent to Canadian Grade 8 English)
  • You have certification and/or a minimum of 3 years experience in your area of expertise, very likely outside Canada
  • You are committed to finding employment
  • You have supports in place (transportation, childcare, and other supports) required to function at work

And do you have:

  • A clear job goal and the skills, experience, credentials and language abilities required to succeed in the work place?
  • A job-search ready résumé, interview skills, networking skills, etc.?

If so, please proceed to the IEC-BC mentoring process by clicking the link below. ASTTBC will ensure that all information provided by Mentors and Mentees is held in strict confidence, fully compliant with all requirements of the Canada Privacy Act.

Prospective Mentees, for more information, send a cover letter requesting that ASTTBC and IEC-BC help you find a mentor, and include your most current CV (or résumé) to Jacqueline de Raadt, ASTTBC Mentoring Coordinator:

Jacqueline de Raadt, BA
Manager, Community Relations
604-585-2788 Ext. 260
Employer, student and post-secondary liaison, and technology career awareness, and special projects.

Page update June 15, 2019