Working In BC Workshops and Webinars

ASTTBC is pleased to report that two Working In BC workshops were held in October 2013 in Vancouver, at the ISSofBC’s location on Terminal Avenue, and at the Sheraton Guildford Hotel in Surrey.  Our thanks to the attendees and the organizers at both locations!

The workshops were designed specifically for engineering and technology-related ITPs, based on the findings of a number of studies throughout BC which identified the needs of employers as regards their ITP (and all other) employees.

Note to ITP Service Provider Agencies:  These workshops can be delivered in your premises anywhere in BC at any time by ASTTBC representatives!  Just email Geoff Sale ( to book a presentation.  We ask that you be sure that an audience comprises at least 10 ITPs &/or other interested parties prior to your scheduling the presentation.  The same suggestion applies to the Webinar delivery:  if you are (e.g.) a CIIP Field Office anywhere in the world and you would like ASTTBC to deliver this webinar to a group of 7 or more of your clients, just contact Geoff by email.

ASTTBC also delivered two webinars to present the information located under the Working In BC tab.   The webinars took place on:

Wednesday November 27, at 1800h PST (0200h GMT, Thursday Nov 28), and Monday December 02, at 0800h PST (1600h GMT Monday Dec 02).  Both were well-attended by participants from several countries.

Participant suggestions for future webinars:

  • We have found in the past that some attendees have had difficulties downloading and installing the GoToWebinar software (a small executable file) if they try to do so on a networked computer, usually connected to an office intranet due to the network’s security restrictions.  It is far easier to download the app to a private, non-intranet-connected computer;  if you’re connected directly to the internet, it works just fine!
  • Next, please be sure that your sound works well!  We would very much prefer that participants used headsets with mics rather than your computer’s webcam mic and internal speakers, as these tend to interact and often produce really problematic delay and feedback, not to mention that background noise is often as loud as a participant’s own voice!  For that reason, the organizer will usually mute all the participants other than the presenter, and if a comment is requested from a participant, the organizer will un-mute that participant.  Be sure that you know if your mic is muted from the icon on your own webinar ‘dashboard’.
  • Lastly, we have found that videos displayed by the presenter are very poorly transmitted from the presenter’s desktop, and their sound quality as experienced by participants is extremely poor.  To get around this problem, we will ask you, prior to joining the webinar, to open your own browser (Firefox or Chrome seem to work best for us) and be ready to view videos during the presentation directly from Youtube.  To do this, go to  and be ready to select one of the twelve Working In BC videos.  If you use the arrow on the right side of the thumbnail video icons, after twelve icons you will see a message saying ‘View All 30+ items’.  It is easiest to select the one under discussion from that list, and regenerate the list using your browser’s back arrow (previous screen) after viewing any of them.  Also, be sure that the webinar display is not completely ‘full screen’ on your display, because you will need to access your browser from your own desktop during the presentation.

As noted above,  we believe that it will be difficult, maybe impossible, to display the videos (which are a major component of these webinars) from a presenter’s desktop during the webinar, so we have two options:

  1. Ask everyone to review all twelve videos prior to logging on to the webinar, or,
  2. Ask everyone to independently view the videos during the webinar via Youtube:

We’re going with #2, but it would be greatly advantageous to participants to have viewed ALL the videos and at least reviewed the entire Study Guide prior to logging on to the webinar.

These webinars are conducted through the GoToWebinar system.   If you have any difficulty using the links above, additional log-in instructions can be found in this pdf: