Working in BC


The purpose of this site it to help Internationally Trained Technology Professionals in the technology and applied science fields learn more about living and working in British Columbia.

The content seen on this site is the result of extensive consultations with employers in technology-related organizations across BC during late 2012 and early 2013.  That consultation led to the development of a program, funded by the Province of BC, which we call Working In BC.

This Working In BC tab menu includes much of the content of a workshop or webinar which was presented over several months at various locations around the province.  The content is supported by a number of videos, referenced under the next menu item.

There are many other online resources available to assist newly-arrived Canadians and these have been identified throughout the site and in particular on the Links page.

Visitors are welcome to contact the Applied Science Technologists and Technicians of BC to learn more about becoming a technologist or technician in BC.


ASTTBC Outreach to Engineering and Technology Immigrant Professionals

ASTTBC maintains a close connection with the Professional Immigrant community in BC, offering session presentations to ITPs who are often clients of our regional Immigrant Assistance Agencies.  These sessions are usually co-presented by staff members of both ASTTBC and EGBC, and help to explain the structure of the Engineering Sector in BC.  Here are links to some of the PowerPoint presentations frequently delivered at those sessions:

From Jacqueline de Raadt:

ASTTBC PPT – M.O.S.A.I.C. Webinar

From Jason Jung, AScT:

ASTTBC Presentation JJ

From Geoff Sale, AScT:

The Engineering Team in BC


You will also find representatives at an ASTTBC booth at many ITP-focussed job fairs and other conferences and trade shows around the province.  They will be happy to discuss the benefits of membership, and will provide you with a number of brochures and pamphlets which describe our Association and its many programs and offerings.  Check them out now at the flagship  ASTTBC Website ,

You will find several other connections to those outreach activities throughout this website.