Professional Practice and Ethics (PP&E)


Technology professionals work in the field of applied science, typically following a period of specialized training. Their theoretical knowledge and practical skills are considered important to the well-being of the broader society. The public expects that technology professionals will act in an ethical way, thereby protecting their well-being.

ASTTBC is a self-regulated association and under the ASTT Act is delegated by the provincial government to maintain certification standards and determine who is eligible for registration as a technology professional in British Columbia. Understanding the responsibilities of the individual association member is therefore vital to the reputation of the profession and to the well-being of the public they ultimately serve.

The Technology Registrations Canada site contains a Professional Practice and Ethics study manual that addresses the following topics: The Profession, Law and Ethics. It is studied by all applicants for certification in British Columbia as part of the certification and registration process and is an excellent resource for those wanting to know more about professional practice and ethics as it applies to technology professionals.

Note: The PP&E study manual also includes a series of exams and case studies. These require the creation of an account that should be completed as part of the certification process when you apply for certification in British Columbia.